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Cloud Vendor Lock In

Vendor lock-in is real when you move to the cloud. The choices that you make are crucial to avoid falling into that trap.

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Cloud platforms can go down, but they might not cover your business loss. You should have a hybrid cloud strategy to navigate such disasters.

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Tool based Migration

Every cloud provider has their own tools/services which could help you migrate the VMs to their cloud. None of them support multi-cloud.

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Data Consistency Issues

Maintaining data consistency during migrations can be a challenge. Discrepancies can lead to data loss or corruption, impacting your business.

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High Migration Costs

Migrations can be expensive, especially when using proprietary tools from cloud vendors. Optimizing costs while ensuring migration.

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Limited Vendor Support

Not all cloud providers offer the same level of support for migration. This inconsistency can lead to delays and issues during the migration.

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Complex Migration Processes

Migrating data and applications across clouds involves complex processes that require specialized knowledge and skills.

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Security concerns

Data security is a top priority. Ensuring that your data remains secure during transit and after migration is a significant concern.


Our tool ensures seamless, cloud-agnostic backup migration and disaster recovery, enabling you to migrate and restore backups effortlessly across any cloud platform.


Key features

Cloud agnostic

Migrate between any cloud platforms


Key features

Automated Backups

Schedule and automate your backups


Key features

Disaster Recovery

Quickly restore data with minimal downtime


Key features

Live block level data replication

Ensure higher RPO rates with block level data replication

Why choose ?

Experience Hassle-Free Cloud Migrations at No Extra Cost

Cloud Agnostic Solutions

Whether it's AWS, Azure, GCP, or any other cloud provider, our solutions are designed to work seamlessly across all platforms.


Data Compliant

GData never leaves your environment. Data is encrypted and transferred between your environments without leaving your network for a reliable and secure migration.


Easy to use

Anyone with knowledge in at least 1 cloud platform should be able to use xmigrate to migrate to AWS, Azure or GCP. Our UI is intuitive and simple

Experience Hassle-Free Cloud Migrations at No Extra Cost

Enjoy seamless cloud migrations with minimal to zero cost for our migration tool when you choose our product for your backup needs. Effortlessly move your data across cloud platforms while benefiting from our robust backup solutions, all in one package.

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